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The Power of Laughter

Laughter is the best even when it’s not you

At first it was distracting. I’m sitting in a cafe, in the very back corner, so I can hear on a Skype call. I had to put my ear buds in because the group of women on the far side of the cafe are laughing so hard I can’t hear. Focused on the call, I am only dimly aware of the ruckus. After the call, I notice the general noise of a popular restaurant.

Little by little, I hear the laughter, louder and then softer. One woman particularly has a wonderful, deep, free laugh. I begin to watch them now, a yearning to join them niggling at the edges of my mind. Who are these women? Why are they laughing so much? A group of comedians having lunch? Improvisational actresses out doing each other?

They are intent on each other, listening carefully. Talk is evenly going around the table. Average looking women, normal, varying ages but somewhere between 30 and 50. Short hair, long hair, pink polka dots, black sweaters, blue jeans, turquoise jewelry shows the variety of styles among them. Can’t really see a connection but I know there is a deep one.

Their gift to me is that I feel the joy of their laughter. How their energy obliterates the two men to my right discussing all the crime in the world, the worried older women complaining about their health. Positive outweighs the negative a billion to one. It buoys me, carries me as I leave. How grateful I am to be near their energy.

By looking for the positive, by laughing, you also can help spread this uplifting energy to those around. Watch for laughter, positivity in others and point it out to your kids.

Spread the joy.


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