Illuminated Parenting

Illuminated Parenting

Hello and welcome to Illuminated Parenting! Would you like to accomplish a deeper understanding for yourself, of what your conscious beliefs about good living are and ultimately, have this lead to deepening relationships and fulfillment for yourself, your children and those you love. Illuminated Parenting offers simple techniques to uncover and remove blocks to your parenting and life-in-general goals and aspirations.

What Exactly is Illuminated Parenting?

Illuminated Parenting is a multi-faceted program where parents can find answers to common parenting questions as well as a variety of parenting tools. We also provide the opportunity to look at parenting from a new point of view, the viewpoint of our inner world and the stories we tell ourselves. Illuminated Parenting looks at what beliefs we teach our children about themselves, the world around them, and how the world works.

The Illuminated Parent understands life beliefs are created in our childhood by our circumstances, our experiences, and what we are taught by our families, communities and culture. These stories are generally unconscious as we grow older, and therefore appear to be facts in the fabric of life.

Living in the dark is when you believe you are a victim to your story and what you see around you is the story that can’t be escaped. Enlightened, or illuminated, living is when the story is seen as malleable and changeable to a better and better story. To uncover the story, you can access and learn from emotions, thoughts, beliefs, dreams, and the body itself because all of these facets are messengers or pointers to the story. When the story is made conscious, decisions can be made for a better story that eventually leads to greater inner peace and successful living.

The Illuminated Parent understands that their children are creating their stories now. Therefore, Illuminated Parents think carefully about what story they want to teach their children. There are ways to mold the story into one of optimism and love or into negativity and fear. Teaching your child how to use the tools to understand the story and create the positive story is what the Illuminated Parenting program is about.

Come with me on a journey, thinking about the world in a new way. A way that will feel good to pass on from generation to generation.


#1 Parenting Tip:
The Think Out

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The Think Out parenting tool is a method that will help make lasting changes in your child’s actions.

For more on the Think Out: Sign up for The Think Out online class or view free download details.

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Spotlight Illuminated Parenting Classes

Parenting Day by Day: Consultation (free!)

Max Participants: Individual/Couple Cost: Free Time: 15 min

Opportunity to talk with Melinda Moats about how your specific issues may be solved and what services best meet your needs. Easily talk via phone or Skype. To set an appointment email your available times to

Illuminated Living: One to One

Max Participants: Individual/Couple Cost: $110.00 Time: 45 min
Discount Quantity Pricing: 4 Classes for $380

Whether it’s letting go of old issues, stuck emotions or inability to achieve our goals, it can seem impossible to move forward. Energy Psychology or Energy Methods (EM) also known as ‘Tapping’ is an excellent way to release blocked or stuck patterns and finally realize your goals and dreams. Sign up by emailing

Illuminated Parenting: One to One

Max Participants: Individual/Couple Cost: $110.00 Time: 45 min
Discount Quantity Pricing: 4 Classes for $380

Personalized one to one time to resolve your specific family issues. Sign up by emailing Come with your specific questions.

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